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Optional Modules

A variety of option modules are available for CARDET system and please contact us for building up user's own interface such as 485 or large number of sensor interface. We can design special interface modules for customer to enhance the performance of the entire system.

Terminal Interface, Stand-alone Controller, RF Transmitter/Receiver/ Repeater, Wireless/Wire LAN Interface

USB Interface

Alert Light



CARDET is an innovative car detector using patented FS(feedback stabilizing) magnetic and DI(Digital Integral) proximity sensor. 


CARDET has the whole different measurement structure from the conventional magnetic sensors and it shows the superb performance and stability. 


CARDET can detect only vehicle, and does not influenced by snow, rain or humans. It takes only 5 minutes to install the sensor, and it has an exceptional long life time.





The magnetic sensing method inside CARDET has the whole different structure from the conventional 3-axis magnetic module. CARDET has the unique technology of FS(feedback stabilizing) magnetic sensing structure, so it can maintain the original detection areas and sensing characteristics against various magnetic noises on the road. FS magnetic sensor shows the superior stable characteristics and performance than the conventional magnetic sensors. Also DI(Digital Integral) proximity sensor of CARDEThas the special signal extract structure from noisy environment. CARDET is compsed of two innovative sensor modules of FS magnetic sensor and DI proximity sensor.

CARDET-101 has an omni-directional detection characteristic, so it can detect the vehicle inside the detection sphere around the sensor, meanwhile CARDET-301 has an uni-directional detection characteristic, and it can detect the vehicle only in pront of the sensor. Blue sphere and cone describe the detection area of CARDET-101, 301 respectively.

[ Detection area of CARDET-301 ]

[ Detection area of CARDET-101 ]

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