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inMotion has worldwide collaboration with various business partners expand their business. We can provide good business opportunities to you, you may also be a good partner for the development of inMotion. Please contact now hoping.

Xeronvision is a vision system specialized group that provides industrial/security image related products, systems, and infra services.


XeronVision is building diverse products, ideas, sharing market information and amassing knowledge of high value added services and technologies based on the close networking with various developers and manufacturers from all over the world.


Mago Technology's major products of electromagnetic technology are CARDET (vehicle detection sensor) and SNOOPER (micro MAD sensor, long distance metal detector), and we also make UV and GAS sensor, customized control, measurement, communication and interface board.

Electromagnetic car detector – CARDET in now widely use for detecting vehicles with the easiest way, and long distance metal detector

Mago Technology

Tamron is a global manufacturer of optical equipment that offers premium-quality products for many different industries. Tamron leverages its expertise in optics to make far-reaching environmental and social contributions.


Making the most of the creativity that comes from technical excellence, Tamron offers products characterized by warmth and humanity-products that stimulate the sensibilities of people around the world in the constantly evolving field of visual communication.


HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004. Her former, ASIC Design Center of Huawei Technologies, was founded in 1991. With her headquarter in Shenzhen of China, Hisilicon has set up design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley (USA) and Sweden.

HiSilicon provides ASICs and solutions for communication network and digital media. These ASICs are widely used in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the digital media field, Hisilicon has already released the SoC and solution for network surveillance, videophone, DVB and IPTV.

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