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Optional Modules

A variety of option modules are available for the user's applications, and it is also possible to build up the USER's own interface model.

 Wired LAN Interface, Relay/LAN Interface, Extender Receiver, Stand-alone Controller, Wireless LAN Interface, RF TX/RX/Repeater

SNOOPER Extender



SNOOPER is the exclusive and innovative solution for detecting the movement of an iron object (guns, rifles, etc) from long distance away. It can detect the sneaking movement of enemy forces in forest, and a Hummer from 15 meters away.

SNOOPER is the perfect tip and cue sensor for military purposes and also can be applied to the anti-terror system for protecting good citizens from terrorist. 





Unlike conventional metal detectors, SNOOPER uses the variation of Earth magnetic field. In order to detect the movement of an iron object from long distance away, extremely high magnetic sensitivity is required up to that of military sensor of SQIUD that is used for detecting submarine under the sea.

This idea of the detection of armed human movement using precise magnetic sensor was first developed by MAGO technology, and finally MAGO technology made this idea possible successfully.

SNOOPER has the unique magnetic sensor structure of hybrid system(analog + digital), and also adopted with cutting edge technology of digital signal processing algorithms to detect nano level purturbation of Earth magnetic field.SNOOPER is more sensitive than the conventional magnetic instruments about 1000~10,000 times.

SNOOPER was originally developed for military purposes, but it also has many applications of securities, anti-terror systems such as inspection for school entrance, airports, VIP scans, etc.

One of the strengths of SNOOPER is that people does not feel uncomfortable at all, even they do not notice that they just passed a security check system, so it is possible to build up faster insfection system than the conventional device more than 10 times.

SNOOPER also can be used to build up an innovative invisible detection fence around important facilities to detect approaching vehicles.

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